We are Wisconsin Corn Growers

Caring for the Wisconsin we share in ways that sustain our families, our farms, and our state for today and tomorrow.

3M+ acres of cornfields

Small Kernel, Big Impact

Wisconsin’s annual corn crop adds nearly $1 billion to the economic well-being of our state every year. See how else it positively impacts life in Wisconsin.


Total Output from Grain Trade to Wisconsin’s Economy


Contribution to Gross State Product


Number of Jobs Added to the State of Wisconsin

Water droplet

Your next water adventure awaits!

Wisconsin Water Recreation Guide

Water is one of the things that makes Wisconsin special. Find the best ways to enjoy the water with our water recreation guide.

Sustainably grown

Wisconsin Corn Connections

Field corn – different from your summer sweet corn – feeds our livestock, fuels our vehicles and is found in lots of other everyday essentials, locally and globally.


We care about the water we share and would love to show you some of our clean-water farming practices.


Plant-based ethanol is better for your wallet, your vehicle and our planet.

Corn facts

Corn is an important crop that’s used in more ways than you might think, and it’s sustainably grown right here by Wisconsin farm families.

Local family farmers

We’re all for clean water.

As Wisconsin corn farmers, clean water is everything to us. And we know it’s everything to you too.

Heather and Matt Reu

The first thing that comes to mind when Heather thinks about clean water is health – a healthy family and healthy farm.

Hughes Farm Family standing in barn

Willie and Candice Hughes

Willie’s passionate about doing right by the environment – including adding cover crops that keep crop nutrients in the field and out of waterways.

Gehrke family standing near corn field

Rick and Kimberly Gehrke

Farming less than a mile away from Wisconsin’s Fox River makes Rick conscientious about the farming practices that can impact those downstream.

Ryan Ripp and his family in their truck

Ryan and Brianna Ripp

Farm practices like no-till farming that leave the soil in a more natural state build organic matter and protect against water erosion – keeping water cleaner for all of us.

In the news

The Latest on Wisconsin Corn Growers

The Wisconsin Corn Growers Association, the Wisconsin Corn Promotion Board and the Wisconsin Corn Foundation are grassroots organizations that support our state’s corn farmers through education and promotion activities.

Wisconsin Corn Growers name Yield Contest Winners

Wisconsin Corn Growers name Yield Contest Winners

LISBON, Wis. [February 6, 2023] – At the Wisconsin Corn/Soy Expo last week, the Wisconsin Corn Growers Association (WCGA) named the 2022 Wisconsin Corn Yield Contest winners. Organized to encourage the development of new and innovative management practices, the...

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Wisconsin Corn Growers applaud governor on ethanol support

Wisconsin Corn Growers applaud governor on ethanol support

LISBON, Wis. – The Wisconsin Corn Growers Association (WCGA) applauds Governor Tony Evers for his support for the continued year-round sale of E15 in our state. Governor Evers was one of eight Midwest governors to join together in a letter to the Environmental...

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Caring for the Wisconsin We Share

Our Why

From adopting practices that protect our soils to growing a crop that provides plant-based solutions, here’s more on why we’re proud to grow Wisconsin corn.

A Family Farm Is A High Tech Business

We Choose to Farm This Way

A healthy corn crop helps feed Wisconsin families

Berget Family Farms