WCGA is active on a range of issues important to corn growers and related industries. Please contact Brenda Damrow Gudex at brenda@wicorn.org for a copy of the 2024 Wisconsin Corn Growers Association Resolutions or to learn more about the latest issues of interest.

2024 WCGA Resolutions

 Click here for the complete 2024 Resolutions of the Wisconsin Corn Grower Association.  

Trade Agreements

a. We support the elimination of existing tariffs and non-tariff barriers and the expansion of trade agreements.
b. We support the expedited renewal of negotiations bilaterally or multilaterally within the
Pacific Rim countries based on the framework established in Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement
for Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP).
c. We support fulfilling the current trade agreement with China that is beneficial to agriculture and continued phases of implementation.
d. We support the enforcement of the United States Mexico Canada Agreement.

Farm Bill

We support the passage of the 2023 Farm Bill before the 2018 Farm Bill expires. We support
maintaining the nutrition programs within the Farm Bill.  See the full Farm Bill policy paper here.  



We support higher blends of ethanol in Wisconsin, state and national efforts to use 15% or higher
ethanol blends in automobiles and ongoing promotion of E-85. We support the Renewable Fuel Standard
for biofuels and support the statutory RVO levels of RFS 2. We support the removal of regulatory
market barriers on the use of higher blends of ethanol, for consumer and environmental benefits
from the increased use of low carbon, high octane motor fuel.

We support uniform vehicle standards and testing protocols for both fuel economy and greenhouse gas
emissions standards using a full (cradle to grave) life-cycle greenhouse gas emissions analysis for
all vehicles including electric to ensure a level playing field for all fuels and vehicles as we
address climate change.


We support adequate funding of the state and federal transportation budgets. We support reasonable
rules and regulations regarding implements of husbandry that recognize the importance of modern
agricultural equipment. We oppose charging farmers for the use, maintenance or upgrade of local
roads not designed and/or maintained for modern agricultural equipment. We oppose improper
application of road damage statutes. We support maintaining the current system of permits for
overweight containers and harvest exemptions.
We support improving and replacing parts of the aging inland waterways lock and dam system.

Waters of the United States (WOTUS)

We support the interpretation of the Clean Water Act regarding the Waters of the United States
which differentiates state waters from those subject to federal jurisdiction.

Responsible Nutrient Management

We support the intent of current nonpoint pollution regulations and continued enforcement with
rules based on a common-sense approach to maintaining and/or increasing Wisconsin’s livestock industry. Nutrient
management rules should be voluntary, reasonable, allow for field level decisions, and include
farmer input in development and implementation. We support efforts to coordinate federal, state and
local regulations to eliminate conflicting rules.

Use Value Assessment of Farmland

We support efforts to protect Use Value Assessment of agricultural lands as vital to the economic
viability of Wisconsin agriculture.

Sound Science

We support regulatory systems based on sound, peer-reviewed science.


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Call to Actions


The National Corn Growers Association completed a call-to-action asking advocates to submit comments to EPA in response to the recent announcement that they are revising the registration for atrazine.

On June 30, The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced that they are amending the registration of this well-studied herbicide that allows farmers to do more with less. The new level of concern for atrazine will vastly reduce the herbicide’s effectiveness, hindering farmers’ ability to utilize this critical tool.

“Corn growers know the value of atrazine, and it is time again that we tell EPA the value of this product to our operations,” said Iowa Farmer and NCGA President Chris Edgington. “In 2016, we came together to submit 10,000 comments to the EPA, and we need that same momentum again.”Below are the results from the atrazine call-to-action.  Thank you to all from Wisconsin who submitted comments.