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We’re all for clean water.

As Wisconsin corn farmers, clean water is everything to us. And we know it’s everything to you, too.

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Growing for tomorrow

Most Wisconsin corn farm families span many generations, and with that comes an innate understanding of what the land needs. But we’re also thinking beyond just what’s needed today, using the latest innovations in science and technology to do it better than ever before.

Our sense of pride and responsibility in the water we share is no different. We are more precise with everything we use, we’ve learned how best to keep the soil where it belongs – in our fields and out of waterways – and we’re focused on growing more than a crop; we’re growing healthy soil.

Willie and Candice Hughes

Janesville, Wisconsin

“Clean water starts with healthy soils, and it’s my job to maintain the health of these soils.” – Willie Hughes

Meet Willie

Rick and Kimberly Gehrke

Omro, Wisconsin

“My generation of farmers are thinking long term about water conservation and how we can be better stewards and improve our water quality.” – Rick

Meet Rick

Ryan and Brianna Ripp

Dane, Wisconsin

“Our local lakes, rivers, streams – we want them to be clean and enjoyed, too. So, we’re working to be part of the solution.” - Ryan

Meet Ryan & Brianna

Meet up with us

Nothing is better than connecting with fellow Wisconsinites. We’d love to share with you in person our passion for this place we call home, farming and how we’re protecting our natural resources including water quality.

Ride to the Barns

If you joined this year’s Tall Pines Conservancy Ride to the Barns, you had a chance to meet John and Kim Koepke and their family. John is a big advocate for water and land conservation practices, which is why he uses no-till (leaving the soil in a more natural state) on 100% of the acres he raises for corn today.

Learn more about their family