Whitewater, Wisconsin

Heather and Matt Reu

The first thing that comes to mind when Heather thinks about clean water is health. And because of the practices they’ve implemented on their Wisconsin farm, she has the utmost confidence that her water – and your water – is safe and clean.

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Meet the Family

Heather has farmed full-time with her husband Matt for about 14 years. While she comes from a family that raised cattle and continues to grow their business selling high-quality beef directly to other families, she’s immersed herself in the crop side, too (you’ll find her driving one of the two combines come harvest time!). Between cattle, corn and raising kids in the great state of Wisconsin, she realizes how important clean and safe water is to our everyday lives, from sun up to sun down.

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Keeping Cattle Water Fresh

In the summertime, our kids wake up ready to farm – they love it so much. First on the list is cattle chores. Especially on the hot days, we need to make sure our cattle have access to water. And just like people, cattle won’t drink the water if it tastes funny or unclean. We’re always making sure they have a cool, fresh source of water they can feel comfortable drinking all day long.

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Preparing for Planting and Harvesting Season

Planting and harvesting are a farmer’s big seasons, so any time between is usually spent getting equipment ready for the season ahead. Sometimes the kids like to tag along to the shed, or they’ll peel off to do other things around the farm, like check in on the garden.

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Water Clean Enough for Swimming and Drinking

Hot days call for pool time. Our well water is really great and we have all the confidence in the world that it’s safe and clean. Our children drink it, and take baths in it and we fill our pool with it – we’re in it all the time.

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Enjoying the Farm Family Life

We work together, and we eat lunch together! This is what your farmers look like – families just like yours. We love working together as a family, spending time outside and doing something that serves a greater purpose.

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Using Water to Grow Crops

In the evenings we like to go for four-wheeler rides to look at the crops and see how they’re doing. On our farm you’ll find irrigation systems. We’re very intentional about how we use water to grow our crops. We don’t always need to irrigate; soil tests help tell us where water is truly needed.

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From corn to cattle, Heather takes great pride in raising safe, nutritious food for her family and yours. And that starts with taking care of the resources she’s been entrusted, including the water we share. Follow along as we explore other Wisconsin corn farmers’ stories.