KEY MESSAGE: The Renewable Standard is working for America. EPA must follow the Renewable Fuel Standard and raise the 2017 ethanol volume back to statute. Anything less than statute takes America backward – threatening our environment, our economy, and our energy security.

  • EPA’s 2017 ethanol Reformulated Volume Obligation (RVO) rule is 200 million gallons below statute. That equates to a loss of use of 71.4 million bushels of corn.
  • WCGA is asking corn growers to comment on EPA’s rule to raise the 2017 ethanol volume back to statute before July 11 at

About the RFS

  • The RFS is working as intended by reducing greenhouse gas emissions, decreasing our reliance on foreign oil, lowering gasoline prices for consumers and increasing economic stability in rural America.
  • Ethanol reduces greenhouses gas emissions by 36% compared to regular gasoline.
  • Ethanol saves consumers an average of 50 cents to $1 per gallon at the gas pump.
  • The RFS is needed for one reason: the vertically integrated oil industry controls the majority of fuel suppliers and retail outlets in the United States.
  • Without the RFS there is a very real possibility that ethanol would be cut out of the marketplace.

Economic Impact of Ethanol in Wisconsin

  • Wisconsin has 9 ethanol plants, which generate:
    • $4.2 billion economic output – $1.9 billion direct
    • 19,080 jobs – 6,395 direct
    • $982.6 million wages – $310.4 million direct

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