Ryan and Brianna Ripp

Clean lakes, rivers and streams to play in, and safe water to drink start with smart, sustainable farming practices. Get to know the Ripp farm family, located just 20 miles north of Madison, where they’re incorporating new ideas, new connections and new clean water practices to keep their farm productive, safe and sustainable.

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Meet the farmers

Ryan is a fourth generation farmer growing corn, soybeans, alfalfa, winter wheat and raising dairy heifers that will eventually join their family dairy farm. His wife Brianna has deep farming roots, too, having grown up on a Wisconsin dairy farm herself. As parents of two little ones, they often think about how the way they farm impacts not only their own family, but families in their community and beyond, too.

Ryan primarily practices no-till farming, meaning he leaves the plant “stubble” in the field from the previous harvest and plants the next crop directly into it in the spring. Not only does this build organic matter in the soil important for plant growth, but it also helps protect the soil from wind and water erosion, keeping all of our water cleaner.

Today’s farmers are no strangers to technology. In fact, it’s an integral part of how they farm. Ryan uses precision technology that ensures he’s targeting the right acre, with the right amount of crop protectant at the right time to help crops grow while being mindful of the surrounding environment.

All water flows together and is connected – from a small farm creek to Lake Michigan. That’s why Ryan volunteers in his local farmer-led watershed program. As part of the certified program, he works with local experts to understand areas to improve on his farm that will ultimately benefit local bodies of water.

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Ryan is one of many family farmers working to improve his farm for his own family, and yours. Follow along as we explore other Wisconsin corn farmers’ stories. Better yet, come meet us in person.