Wisconsin Corn Foundation awards scholarships

The Wisconsin Corn Foundation is excited to announce the winners of the Corn Foundation Scholarships. 

This is the second year that Wisconsin Corn has partnered with the National Corn Growers Association with a consolidated scholarship form. This gives local students an opportunity to apply for both the National Corn Growers Association scholarships and the Wisconsin Corn Foundation with one application. 

With lots of interest for this year’s scholarship, the Wisconsin Corn Foundation is excited to announce that we have awarded two scholarships to outstanding young women.

Katie Nusbaum of Monroe is a Senior at Southwest Technical College. She is currently majoring in Agribusiness Sciences & Technology with a focus on Agronomy. Katie has been involved in the grain industry her whole life with her involvement on her family’s farm where they grow cash crops and alfalfa for their cattle.

Katie feels there are big challenges in farming, but we can solve them by working together. Using smart farming methods, taking care of the environment, and making sure farmers are treated fairly are ways to make sure we all have enough good food for a long time. It’s a team effort involving farmers, scientists, governments, and everyone who eats food!

Katie plans to continue to work at Nutrien Ag Solutions after graduation where she can connect directly with farmers to help them succeed in growing grains while also assisting the next generation of agricultural experts.   

Tiffany Neuheisel of Spring Green is a Junior at South Dakota State University, majoring in Agricultural Business. She has been actively involved in her family farm as well held numerous roles through internships in the crop insurance industry. 


Tiffany shared in her application that the farmers and producers face many challenges today, but the three most importantly are water scarcity and management, rural development and poverty and market access. She feels that supporting farmers in adopting technology and modern farming and conservation practices can enhance all farming operations. 

Looking ahead, Tiffany’s plans are tied to advancing sustainable and resilient practices within the grain industry, fostering growth and ensuring the well-being of both farmers and the broader agricultural community. 





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