Wisconsin Corn Yield Contest Results

This year’s Wisconsin Corn Yield Contest harvested 12 Winners from four areas of Wisconsin. With over 90 entries from this year’s contest and many national winners entered in our state contest, this turned out to be a great year for Wisconsin growers overall. 


Our winners are as follows:


Northern Wisconsin

·       First Place Jeff Laskowski, Plover – 323.1454 bu/acre

·       Second Place Mark Bacon, Hancock, 316.1546 bu/acre

·       Third Place Barb Laskowski, Plover – 312.2869 bu/acre

Southern Wisconsin

·       First Place Reginald Kamps, Darlington – 351.7848 bu/acre

·       Second Place Eugene Steiger, Bloomington – 334.6214 bu/acre

·       Third Place Betty Steiger, Bloomington – 329.3336 bu/acre

Rock County Corn Growers

·       First Place Abe Arndt, Janesville – 323.1679 bu/acre

·       Second Place Robert Gunn, Janesville, – 301.8130 bu/acre

·       Third Place David Arndt, Janesville – 290.1300 bu/acre

Columbia County Corn Growers

·       First Place Zachary Mickelson, DeForest – 242.7896 bu/acre

·       Second Place David Mickelson, DeForest – 228.1967 bu/acre

·       Third Place Greg Ebert, Columbus – 193.1015 bu/acre



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