Wisconsin Corn Growers Association announces 2018 Corn Yield Contest winners

MADISON, Wis. – At the Wisconsin Corn/Soy Expo this week, the Wisconsin Corn Growers Association (WCGA) named the 2018 Wisconsin Corn Yield Contest winners.

Organized to encourage the development of new and innovative management practices, the contest highlights the importance of using sound agronomic practices in Wisconsin corn production systems.

Winners were selected from six geographical divisions – the Northern and Southern divisions plus four county-specific divisions. The county-specific divisions were based on active county corn grower associations and included: Columbia, Dodge-Fond Du Lac, Juneau-Adams-Marquette and Rock. In total, there were six eligible divisions that were awarded cash prizes to the first ($500), second ($250) and third ($100) place winners, where applicable. The winning entries had the highest corn yield based on bushels per acre.

The 2018 winners were:

Columbia County Corn Growers
Joe Berger, Cambria – 213.6785 bu/acre

Dodge/Fond du Lac County Corn Growers
David McArthur, Rosendale – 281.1734 bu/acre
Dennis Pinch, Rosendale – 277.3096 bu/acre
Jerry Kreuziger, Juneau – 252.2141 bu/acre

Juneau/Adams/Marquette County Corn Growers
Richard Lucas, Hancock – 237.6681 bu/acre
Jody Lucas, Hancock – 222.9555 bu/acre

Rock County Corn Growers
Nick Venable, Janesville – 278.5834 bu/acre
Arndt Farms, Janesville – 274.4595 bu/acre

Southern Wisconsin
Betty Steiger, Bloomington – 304.2245 bu/acre
Gene Steiger, Bloomington – 297.2032 bu/acre
Caleb Wolters, Cuba City – 283.0722 bu/acre

Northern Wisconsin
Jeff Laskowski, Plover – 294.1373 bu/acre
Barb Laskowski, Plover – 289.1996 bu/acre
Zac Soltvedt, Seymour – 284.2579 bu/acre

To be eligible, entrants must be a WCGA member in good standing and the contest entry must be from a field of corn 10 or more acres in size of one variety. The contest area may be any shape, but the contest plot must be a total of 1.25 or more harvested acres.

Wisconsin Corn serves the state’s corn growers through the Wisconsin Corn Promotion Board (WCPB) and Wisconsin Corn Growers Association (WCGA). The WCPB utilizes checkoff funds to develop and defend markets, fund research and provide education about corn and corn products. WCGA is a united, grassroots-driven member organization representing growers from across Wisconsin on important state and national agricultural issues in an effort to increase member profitability and opportunity. For more information, visit wicorn.org.


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