2015 Corn Yield Contest winners announced

A great growing season was reflected in yields in the 2015 Wisconsin Corn Growers Association (WCGA) Corn Yield Contest.

Tom Manke, Arlington, was the Columbia County winner with 276 bushels per acre. Charles Hammer, Beaver Dam, was the Dodge/Fond du Lac Counties winner with 281 bushels per acre. Cal Dalton, Endeavor, was the Juneau/Adams/Marquette Counties winner with 256 bushels per acre. Laskowski Farm, Plover, was the state winner with 304 bushels per acre.

The WCGA Corn Yield Contest provides cash prizes to growers of first, second and third highest reported yields in three active county corn grower organizations and to growers in a statewide category. Contests were held for growers in Columbia County, Dodge/Fond du Lac Counties, Juneau/Adams/Marquette Counties, and statewide. First place winners received $500, second place $250, and third place $100.

Columbia County Corn Yield Contest Results (Grower, City, Hybrid/Brand, Yield)

  1. Tom Manke, Arlington, Pioneer-PO533AM1, 276 bu/acre
  2. James Krueger, Cambria, FS-52VX1-102Day, 262 bu/acre
  3. Joe Berger, Cambria, Jung-75522SS242 bu/acre

Dodge/Fond du Lac Counties Corn Yield Contest Results

  1. Charles Hammer, Beaver Dam, Dekalb-DKC 54-38-RIB, 281 bu/acre
  2. Vellena Farms, Waupun, Pioneer-PO157266 bu/acre
  3. Melvin Gunnink, Brandon, Dekalb-DKC 52-61, 252 bu/acre

Juneau/Adams/Marquette Counties Corn Yield Contest Results

  1. Cal Dalton, Endeavor, Pioneer-PO44B AMX, 256 bu/acre
  2. Kevin Bork, Grand Marsh, LG Seed-LG2549, 253 bu/acre
  3. Joanne Dalton, Endeavor, Pioneer-PO44B AMX, 252 bu/acre

Statewide Corn Yield Contest Results

  1. Laskowski Farm, Plover, Dekalb-DKC 60-67, 304 bu/acre
  2. Arndt Farms, Janesville, Pioneer-P0533XR, 264 bu/acre
  3. Steve Duwe, Johnson Creek, Dekalb-DKC 52-84, 258 bu/acre

Entry in the state corn yield contests was free, but was limited to current members of WCGA. Yields were verified at harvest by either a county agent or a professional agricultural consultant, and confirmed by using either a weigh wagon or truck scale.

WCGA is a membership organization that represents the interest of state corn growers in the growing and managing of corn grown both for on-farm feeding and commercial sale. WCGA brings together corn growers to provide information and education at regional corn conferences and the annual Wisconsin Corn/Soy EXPO. As part of NCGA, WCGA represents corn grower interests nationally and internationally and also sponsors annual corn yield contests.



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