UW Extension Weed Specialist

KEY MESSAGE: Wisconsin corn growers needs a Cropping Weed Specialist at the UW College of Agricultural and Life Sciences to help growers increase profitability and the value of the corn crop.

  • As growers continue to look for ways to increase productivity and profits, weeds pose a continuous threat to the Wisconsin corn crop. Weed management is an important component of the on-farm decision making process that occurs every day on farms across Wisconsin.
  • The Cropping Systems Weed Specialist will work with other UW Specialists to help corn growers make the most educated decisions possible. The Cropping Systems Weed Specialist will be able to conduct research that will not only help growers improve herbicide-resistant weed management, but will also aid in protecting water quality and increasing food security.
  • This research has provided Wisconsin corn growers valuable information on weed management, helping growers increase corn yields and the value of the corn crop to Wisconsin’s economy.
  • Corn growers understand the budget pressures facing the University of Wisconsin System, but believes that if priorities are established based on what Wisconsin farmers need, filling this position is justified.
  • WCGA has strongly supported this position in the past, are is willing to consider funding research.