Pollinator Protection

KEY MESSAGE: Pollinators, and more importantly, honey bees support millions of dollars in Wisconsin agriculture. While corn does not require pollination by honey bees, WCGA recognizes the integral role they play in a productive agriculture system and we are committed to improving the health and viability of honey bees.

  • The Wisconsin Pollinator Protection Plan http://datcp.wi.gov/uploads/Farms/pdf/PPPComplete.pdf developed through a Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection working group, provides reasonable best management practices (BMPs) that farmers, landowners and municipalities can use to protect and enhance habitat.
  • WCGA has stated that the plan seems to focus on pesticide use as a major cause of stress on pollinator populations, and ignores the benefit and value to crop producers in controlling pests that reduce yield and income.
  • Wisconsin corn growers, and other producers, must follow EPA regulated labels for use of pesticides and insecticides, and the use of treated seeds.
  • WCGA developed a Pollinator Guide for corn growers https://wicorn.org/pollinatorguide/ to provide them with BMPs on pest management and habitat enhancement.
Pollinator Three