Implements of Husbandry

KEY MESSAGE: Changes to Wisconsin’s Implements of Husbandry (IoH) law has established clear rules for farmers to operate modern farm equipment legally and safely on roads, and provided local municipalities guidance on the protection of roads and bridges.

  • The new IoH statutes provide farmers with certainty on how to operate over-width and over-weight equipment on roads, and the means to get approval from municipalities, where required. It also reduces inconsistent law enforcement of statutes.
  • Municipalities and counties still have statutory authority to post roads imposing special or seasonal weight limitations. Local governments can ultimately provide a means for travel on these routes.
  • Because some local roads have not been repaired or maintained adequately from lack of state transportation funding, corn growers oppose charging farmers for using, maintaining and upgrading roads not designed or maintained for modern agriculture equipment.
  • Road damage state statute provides municipalities the authority to charge people for damage done to road, but WCGA opposes improper application of those road damage statutes, especially where repair and maintenance has not kept up with modern agricultural production practices.

Get more information about rules for agricultural vehicles on the road from the UW Center for Agricultural Safety and Health at


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