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WCGA and WBFA Commend Kwik Trip on E15 Efforts

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Lisbon, Wisconsin – The Wisconsin Corn Growers Association (WCGA) and Wisconsin BioFuels Association (WBFA) applaud Kwik Trip on its recent decision to join Prime the Pump, an ethanol industry initiative created to help the early retail adopters of high-level ethanol blends by awarding grants to reduce their initial investment in infrastructure. Through the initiative, Kwik Trip will join other major fuel retailers in offering E15 – a biofuel that contains 15 percent ethanol – to customers in Iowa, Minnesota, and Wisconsin.

Kwik Trip is aggressively adopting E15 by leveraging existing infrastructure to offer it. The company plans to eventually offer E15 at most of its more than 500 locations, joining Jetz, Casey’s, Family Express, Kum & Go, MAPCO, Minnoco, Murphy USA, Protec Fuels, QuikTrip, RaceTrac, Sheetz, and Thorntons in the decision to offer their customers expanded fuel choices at the pump.

“The Wisconsin Corn Growers Association is very excited about Kwik Trip’s decision to offer E15,” said WCGA President Casey Kelleher. “Ethanol has provided our country with cleaner air, a stronger economy, and the potential for energy independence. We need to continue strengthening our commitment to renewable fuels, and this is a step in the right direction.”

E15 is approved for use in all vehicles 2001 and newer and is the most tested fuel in history. The United States Department of Energy, NASCAR, and consumers have put it to the test over millions of miles with great results.

“E15 offers so much value to consumers, and is vitally important to the health of our entire Agricultural Industry,” said Erik Huschitt, President of the Wisconsin BioFuels Association. “We are thrilled with Kwik Trip’s decision to help Wisconsin consumers have increased access to E15 and its many benefits.”


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