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WCGA Announces Winners of 2017 Wisconsin Corn Yield Contest

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• WCGA recognizes top-yielding corn production in six districts throughout Wisconsin.
• Cash prizes were awarded to the first ($500), second ($250) and third ($100) place winners in each geographic division.
• The contest highlights the use of sound agricultural practices in Wisconsin corn production systems.

LISBON, Wis. – The Wisconsin Corn Growers Association (WCGA), a grassroots organization committed to increasing the profitability of corn production throughout Wisconsin, is excited to announce the winners of the 2017 WCGA Corn Yield Contest.

Organized to encourage the development of new and innovative management practices and the importance of using sound agricultural practices in Wisconsin corn production systems, the 2017 contest reflects a record-breaking growing season.

The WCGA Corn Yield Contest provides cash prizes to growers of the first, second and third highest reported yields in two main geographical divisions – the Northern and Southern divisions – which are based on active county corn grower associations throughout Wisconsin. The Southern division, given the number of active growers, is sub-divided into four additional divisions. In total, contests were held for growers in Columbia County, Dodge/Fond du Lac Counties, Juneau/Adams/Marquette Counties, Rock County, and statewide. First place winners received $500, second place $250, and third place $100.

Mark Schroeder, DeForest, was the Columbia County winner with 280.183 bushels per acre. Brett King, Brownsville, was the Dodge/Fond du Lac Counties winner with 294.4694 bushels per acre. Richard Lucas, Hancock, was the Juneau/Adams/Marquette Counties winner with 233.5626 bushels per acre. Nick Venable, Janesville, was the Rock County winner with 284.4022 bushels per acre. Mike Berget, Gratiot was the Southern Region winner with 314.2086 bushels per acre. Jeff Laskowski, Plover, was the Northern Region winner with 317.6421 bushels per acre.

Columbia County Corn Yield Contest Results
1. Mark Schroeder, DeForest, DuPont Pioneer, 280.183 bu/acre
2. Joe Berger, Cambria, Jung Seeds, 279.671 bu/acre
3. Nate Braaksma, Cambria, Jung Seeds, 274.4857 bu/acre

Dodge/Fond du Lac Counties Corn Yield Contest Results
1. Brett King, Brownsville, Dekalb, 294.4694 bu/acre
2. Rob King, Brownsville, Dekalb, 289.2769 bu/acre
3. Jerry Kreuziger, Juneau, Dekalb, 283.2426 bu/acre

Juneau/Adams/Marquette Counties Corn Yield Contest Results
1. Richard Lucas, Hancock, 233.5626 bu/acre

Rock County Corn Yield Contest Results
1. Nick Venable, Janesville, Jung Seeds, 284.4022 bu/acre

Southern Wisconsin Corn Yield Contest Results
1. Mike Berget, Graitot, Dekalb, 314.2086 bu/acre
2. Meghan Saunders, Graitot, Dekalb, 298.5043 bu/acre
3. Schram Farms, Berlin, Dekalb, 257.6874 bu/acre

Northern Wisconsin Corn Yield Contest Results
1. Jeff Laskowski, Plover, Dekalb, 317.6421 bu/acre
2. Barb Laskowski, Plover, Dekalb, 312.0567 bu/acre
3. Cletus Kurowski, Shawano, Legacy Seeds, 225.4259 bu/acre

Entry in the state corn yield contest was free for all current WCGA members. Yields were verified at harvest by either a county agent or a professional agricultural consultant, and confirmed by using either a weigh wagon or truck scale. Contest entries were required to be from a field of corn 10 or more acres in size of one variety and from an area of any shape, but the contest plot had to be from a total of 1.25 or more harvested acres.

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