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E85 Fuels Something Special for Wisconsin

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Wisconsin agricultural ambassador Alice in Dairyland drives across the state to her many events in a flex-fuel Tahoe powered by E85 – 85% ethanol fuel – provided by the Wisconsin Corn Promotion Board.


Wisconsin’s 67th Alice stopped in to visit the WCPB directors at their June meeting and showed off her vehicle with its “Something Special From Wisconsin: logo. From left in the photo are: Affiliate Director Tom Bressner, WABA Executive Director; Cal Dalton, Director District 4; David Adams, President and Director District 8; Ken Rosenow, Director District 7; Randy Woodruff, Director District 1; Kari Blazei-Kuehl, Industry Rep & Affiliate Director; Alice in Dairyland; Tom Gillis, Director District 2; Joe Zenz, Director District 5; Howard Hartmann, Director District 6; Jim Zimmerman, Director District 3.