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Corn Facts

The Corn Belt

The green areas of the map show where field corn is grown in the United States.

Source: USDA, Fertilizer Institute

Corn Supply

96.4 Million Acres Planted in 2012
87.4 Million Acres Harvested
10.7 Billion Bushels to be Produced
12 Billion Bushels Total Supply
As reported 9/12/2012


Technology and innovation help farmers grow more per acre.

Average Bushels Per Acre

Source: USDA


From 1980 to 2011, corn farmers have reduced these impacts per bushel of corn:

Source: Field to Market, http://www.fieldtomarket.org

Corn Use

  • 5.2 billion bushels (bb) for livestock feed and residual use. Includes 1 bb in distillers grains from ethanol production.
  • 3.5 bb go directly into the production of 13.5 billion gallons of ethanol.
  • 1.4 bb become sweeteners, starch and food products.
  • 1.3 bb of corn will be exported, mostly for feed.
  • 733 million bushels will be carried over as surplus.
USDA 9/11

Family Farmers

The vast majority of U.S. farms are family operations.

  • 95% of corn farms are family farms.
  • Family farms manage 84% of all farm acreage.
  • Family farms represent 78% of all farm sales.

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