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Corn Promotion Board and Lung Association Promote Clean Air

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Madison, Wisconsin – July 14, 2015 – The Wisconsin Corn Promotion Board (WCPB) has partnered with the American Lung Association in Wisconsin to increase consumer awareness and consumption of ethanol in the state.

“By corn growers teaming with the American Lung Association in Wisconsin and its Wisconsin Clean Air Choice® message, we will promote the benefits and availability of ethanol-blended fuel to improve air quality and lung health in Wisconsin,” said WCPB president David Adams.

“The American Lung Association in Wisconsin recognizes E85 as a Clean Air Choice fuel that Wisconsin flex fuel vehicle drivers can make today to reduce their impact on the air quality and lung health.  We look forward to working with WCPB to increase the awareness and use of this fuel choice,” said Lew Bartfield, Chief Executive Officer of the American Lung Association of the Upper Midwest.

The WCPB and the American Lung Association in Wisconsin will conduct consumer awareness programs, direct marketing outreach to flex fuel vehicle owners and promotion programs with E85 retailers.

The WCPB will be implementing a broader ethanol promotion program to expand sales of corn-based ethanol to expand markets for corn through advertising facts about ethanol to consumers, working with the Wisconsin BioFuels Association on retailer promotion and creating a website and social media on Wisconsin-specific information on ethanol benefits, ethanol retail locations and vehicle use.

The primary objective of the Wisconsin Corn Promotion Board, which has been in place since 1983, is to maintain and expand sales of Wisconsin corn through research, market development and consumer education. The nine-member Wisconsin Corn Promotion Board is responsible for overseeing the collection and use of assessment fees paid by Wisconsin corn growers.