Wisconsin Corn Growers Association

For more than 30 years, the grower-led WCGA has provided leadership for all things corn-related in Wisconsin. Through our affiliation with the National Corn Growers Association we also represent corn growers on a national level – offering practical grassroots solutions that contribute to economic, agronomic and environmental welfare.

Nationally we were able to reduce burdensome permitting requirements for farmer-applied pesticides, allocate funds for blender pumps and enact the ACRE program. We continue to push for sensible ethanol policy, to protect crop insurance coverage and to prepare for the next farm bill. In state we’ve led efforts to retain atrazine use, reform the agricultural cleanup fund program and limit unnecessary weight limit restrictions around harvest season.

On your behalf, we will continue to support market-driven farm programs with minimal and consistent regulation that work for producers and ensure agricultural prosperity. To do so we need your input, help and support to make this organization ever stronger. Please enlist or renew your membership and ask at least two other farmers to do the same. The benefits of membership are large but the cost to join is small. Learn more about Member Benefits through the National Corn Growers. 

Member Benefits:

$100 Seed Corn Coupon

Join or renew with a three-year membership and receive a $100 coupon toward the purchase of seed corn from one of these supporting member companies:

Legislative Action

Work on local, state and national issues to protect farm profitability.

Corn Yield Contest

Participation in state and national corn yield contest with cash awards.

Corn Promotion

Promotion of ethanol and corn products and development of new uses.


10% discount on purchase of Cabella’s gift cards.

Consumer Education

Education of students and consumers on corn production and corn products


Direct access to race updates, exclusive access to NASCAR gadgets, gear, race tickets and more.


Reduced prices on dozens of Ford and Lincoln vehicles.

Corn-Soy Expo

Registration discount for convention for Wisconsin corn and soybean growers to meet with industry reps and attend seminars.

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